June Bucket List

June: Bucket List


I wanted some sort of way to make a list of goals for the month. I stumbled across this post over at Four for the Road – a monthly feature that they have adapted from Twinderelmo. I cannot take any credit for this idea, I am simply joining in and adapting it for my own use.

Now, these goals might seem like much to some people but it is nice to have something to work for – like a glorified to-do list really!

What am I aiming to do this month?

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May: Books | Monthly Roundup

May: Mini Monthly Roundup


I wanted to try and refresh the book reviewing side of my blog. Each month I will do a mini roundup where I briefly show you the books I’ve read, what I thought of them and the rating given. Please excuse my photos, I have changed up my photo style too – but some of these were taken before that.

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My Top Five Favourite BookTubers!


You all know by now that I adore books and reading. I also love BookTube! I discovered it about two years ago whilst looking for a review of Gone Girl (as I wasn’t sure whether to buy it or not!) I stumbled across some book review videos and then I was hooked, this was the main reason that I actually started blogging – I realised I could share my love of books by sharing my thoughts on them.

So, here are my Top 5 Favourite BookTube Channels! Enjoy!

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