Dear Daddy

Dear Daddy,

Today is your first Father’s Day. The first of many.

Thank you for being my hero. For going to work and providing for me     and mummy. For going to work and then coming home and playing with me, feeding me or giving me my bath. For not getting cross when you are trying to sleep and I’m having a grumpy day. For capturing my life on camera (although I’m not sure how thankful I will be when I’m 18!). For always putting me and mummy first. For telling me that you love me everyday. Thank you for being calm and collected when mummy has had a rough day. For giving mummy a cuddle and telling her that she is doing an amazing job, especially when she needs it the most. For reading me bedtime stories, tucking me in and kissing me goodnight. For the cuddles, silly songs and giggles.


Thank you for being the daddy that mummy always wanted for me. Thank you for being the daddy to me that mummy never had.

I hope that I can be like you one day.
I hope that I can be kind, selfless and smart like you.
I hope I can work hard, be brave and strong like you.
I hope that I can make you proud, like I am of you one day.

Lots of Love,
Always & Forever
Parker xxx