I’m still here!


I just wanted to do a little update – to let you know that I am still here!

As you know I went back to work on Monday (13th July) after eight months of maternity leave. Things have been hectic, and I mean really hectic!

The Mr and I have been like passing ships in the night, he was working nights – I was working in the day time in.

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I went back to work during the week of our Summer Production, the first lesson back I was choreographing a dance routine for 40 students off the top of my head (!) This also meant that Thursday and Friday I came home from work, dashed around like crazy for an hour or two, and then returned to work to be stage manager until 10pm.

On Tuesday I also taught in the evening from 7-9pm, after working all day, collecting Parker and doing dinner, bath, bottle and putting him to bed.

I will be blogging again really soon, I just need to get this week out of the way. The summer holidays are just around the corner and from September I will be working three days a week, hopefully giving me a bit of space to clear my head (and write some blog posts!)

I hope you’ll stick around!

Stacie xo

The Best Nutella Cake….Ever!



I LOVE nutella. Like, seriously – I can eat a tub in a week if left to my own devices. Today I am sharing the best (and easiest) Nutella Mug Cake….ever! All you need is a few ingredients, your favourite mug and a microwave (don’t worry you can thank me later). I mean come on, who doesn’t want chocolate cake in a mug?

This cake has the perfect chocolatey gooeyness of a brownie too, win win!

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Book Review // Hook’s Daughter by Heidi Schulz

Hook’s Daughter – heidi schulz 
chicken house


It’s not easy being the daughter of Captain Hook. Twelve-year-old Jocelyn dreams of following in his footsteps – but her grandfather sends her to finishing school instead. When her father meets his unfortunate end, Jocelyn sails to Neverland to avenge his death. But she hadn’t bargained on ticking crocodiles, lazy pirates and a troublemaking boy called Peter Pan. 

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